Chinese Zodiac Tattoos

Different cultures have different Zodiac names and symbols, but basically there are only twelve zodiac names and symbols.

In Asia there are two different astrological zodiac systems which is followed by two of the world’s largest populated countries namely India and China. Both have different zodiac symbols. preethi zodiac mg 218

Recently symbols of the zodiac become very popular as a tattoo sketches. People like to ink their astrological birth sign. There are many controversies regarding the particular meaning of a Chinese character but there are no two opinions about the twelve Chinese symbols of the zodiac.

This make it really safe to ink the tattoo sketch which is based on zodiac symbol of china on any part of your body. The only thing requires is to know your Chinese zodiac symbol according to china’s astrology.

From your birth year it is not difficult to find your Chinese zodiac symbol. However, always refer the lunar calendar of china before taking any decision. Since, if you are born in the beginning of the year that is in January or February according to the western calendar then your birth year may be different according to the China’s lunar calendar.

Twelve different animals are the representatives of twelve zodiac symbols. For zodiac tattoo based on china’s astrology, you can either select the particular animal as your tattoo drawing or you may select the Chinese characters of particular animal as your sketch.

The 12 animals of zodiac systems of china are Rat, Bull, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig.  All are good as tattoo design. Tattoo artists can draw very creative design out of these animals shape.

But the easiest, cheap and perhaps the best and spectacular tattoo sketches are the symbols of these animals in Chinese language.

Finding the good Chinese zodiac tattoo sketches is not easy. Most of the paid or free gallery of tattoo designs have a little space for Chinese tattoo designs. The traditional tattoo shops are also not a very good source of zodiac tattoo designs of China.


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