How did the modern-day Satta Matka game differ from the older game of Satta Matka played in India

At first, the game of Satta King involved betting. In this game, people would bet the opening and closing rate of cotton during that time. In the 1960s cotton was transmitted to the Bombay Cotton Exchange from New York Cotton Exchange through transmitters. And people would bet on this cotton to win a lump sum amount of money. By this process, the game of Satta was played, at that time. But now, in these modern days, the system of the game has changed. The players who will participate in the game of Satta Matka need to choose the accurate number to win this game of lottery.

The person who will win the game becomes the SattaKing.  The winner will win a good amount of money.

Types of Satta Matka game:

There are two types of Matka games. Both of them are popular in India. One is Worli, and another is Kalyan.

The game of Kalyan Matka gambling was started by Kalyanji Bhagat.

He was an owner of a grocery shop in the 1960s. He was the pioneer of the Matka game. He used to accept the bet of the opening and closing rates of the cotton that was traded, through the wholesale market of New York. As in 1961, the New York Cotton Exchange stopped this practice of gambling, Kalyanji Bhagat came up with a new Matka game called Worli Matka in 1962.

Following the closure of the Satta Matka game, Ratan Khatri introduced a new way to keep the business of the game going. In this new game, the declaration of the opening and closing rates of the imaginary products changed the course of the game. Ratan Khatri also started the process of drawing three cards to determine the day’s number. Many stated the process was genuine because the game cards were revealed in front of the patrons.


Satta Matka became illegal, or it got replaced with other gambling games but still, now it is one of the popular games that give pure excitement to the gamblers. People can play this game online nowadays. Interested players need to find an original website from where they can buy the lottery ticket.

According to Google, in the year 2018, Satta King Guessing and Matka were the highest searched words from the state of Madhya Pradesh.


  1. What is the meaning of Matka in the game of Satta guessing?
  2. The meaning of Matka is earthen pots. The lottery numbers are kept in the earthen pots from where people have to choose.
  3. What does Patti/Panna means?
  4. Patti/Panna means the three-digit number.
  5. Is the online game of Satta Matka legal?
  6. Yes, the online lottery game of Satta is legal.
  7. What is the meaning of the terms open result and the close result?
  8. This means the outcome of the Satta betting.
  9. How much can a person bet on this game?
  10. A person can bet according to their limits. Nowadays, it is not necessary to bet a large amount while playing this game.

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